Our Bears

Learn how our Hear-After Bears have been helping
children cope with loss and seperation all over the Country.


The Original Hear-After Bear

The Hear-After Bear with its removable ear, memory pocket and short story book provides a sense of love, support and comfort.


The removable ear stays with your loved one, whether they have passed away, are moving or being deployed in the Military (See Military Hear-After Bear), while the Hear-After bear stays with you at your side. You can also place memories such as photos or letters in the memory pocket for remembrance.


The bear also benefits:

• The healing process

• The connection with your loved one even after they have gone

• The coping of children through a difficult time

• A physical comfort when your loved one is missed the most

The Military Hear-After Bear

When someone you love leaves for duty it can mean so much when you think of them. The Military Hear-After Bear gives you and your loved one that leaves home a little piece of home that they can feel. The teddy's ear is small enough to carry and the teddy itself is big enough to hug when the moments you miss them the most become unbearable. Complete with camo jacket, bear tag, and short poem; this bear can help you feel strong until your loved can hold you tight.