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Our Bears have touched the lives of many across the Country. 

Paige Miller,

She Sleeps with the bear nightly and cuddles him she is crying about her loss. A comfort we can't give her!

Diane Dahlberg,

I have seen the effects these bears have on a child. The calm that comes over the person is amazing.

Jessica Reeser,
Warren, Michigan

This little girl lost her daddy but will grow up with this bear as a symbol of her daddy she already loves it again thank you so much for these.

Tara Weber Nysen
Roseville, Michigan

I gave this bear today to a 5 year old little boy at his daddy's funeral. Before we got there he was so scared to see his daddy and wouldn't go up to the coffin. When he got that bear and I read him the story he was ready to go up and place the ear in with his daddy. He became so brave! This bear touched the hearts of so many people tonight. I'm so happy he was able to hae this teddy bear tonight. Thank you!

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